Vance Joy Says Full-Length Debut Coming Early Winter

Vance Joy has confirmed that he’s finished recording his debut full-length effort. Speaking to Zan Rowe during her Take 5 segment on Triple J, the Riptide singer opened up about the new album, which he says was recorded in a tree house and has an expected release date of early winter.

“There was a bit of tree house action. [It’s] called Bare Creek Studio; it’s an hour out of Seattle in a place called Woodenville. It’s pretty cool to be in a tree house. It’s a little Twin-Peaky with all the cedars around you. It’s one of those music industry excesses I think, but I was happy to participate.”

Vance Joy, real name James Keogh, did not reveal a title for his follow-up to the acclaimed and beloved God Loves You When You’re Dancing EP, but said fans shouldn’t expect the album to sound too different to the EP, which included his breakthrough hit and 2013 Hot 100 winner, Riptide.

“I always start with a song that’s sort of just me stripped back on a guitar and we see where we go from there,” Keogh explained. “[It’ll be] more epic in some places with strings and horns, and some bigger drum sections, but it’s pretty much the same. I’ll have my voice upfront and centre.”

“I guess the aim is to have it singing in your ear, like up close,” he added. Keogh has been working with Gossip producer Ryan Hadlock and commented on the input of his drummer Edwin White, saying that he and White serve as a “kind of yin and yang” but “get the best out of each other.”

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Photos by Nikki Williams

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