Veara Unveil New Album ‘Growing Up Is Killing Me’ In Full-Streaming Glory

Pop punk mainstays and Vans Warped Tour Australia features Veara have thrown their upcoming album Growing Up Is Killing Me to the unwashed masses today, still a few days out from its official release date of Friday, 27th September. All 12 tracks off the release are currently getting a good airing, and you can check out the whole kit and caboodle below.

The latest offering from the band comes in the form of a “pow! right in the kisser” wall of pop punk energy. Don’t let the angsty titles or shimmering sound fool you – Growing Up Is Killing Me gets deep, and quick.

A statement of maturity, the album acts as a forum for the group to explore issues such as life, friendship, and betrayal: a call to arms, if you will, for those who have also been left disillusioned by the slow march of time.

The band’s high-octane live performance has left a lasting impression on the group’s Australian fan base, who exploded with excitement at the news Veara would be returning this November to be part of Vans Warped Tour Australia 2013. Kids are still rambling about the band’s performance at Soundwave 2011, and their Warped performance is sure to have a similar effect.

Listen: Veara – Growing Up Is Killing Me (Full album)

Veara – Growing Up Is Killing Me tracklist

01. Next Stop…Everywhere

02. The Worst Part Of You

03. None Of The Above

04. Growing Up Is Killing Me (feat. Dan Campbell)

05. Between Friends And A Hard Place

06. Don’t Call Me Lucky (feat. Shane Told)

07. Lens Of Truth

08. Paralysis By Analysis

09. Separate Ways

10. Fake Blood (feat. Andrew DeNeef)

11. No More Secrets

12. The World Won’t Wait

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