Victoria Bitter Have Unveiled A New Vaccination Ad And Get Me To The Pub Stat

Victoria Bitter is the latest brand to fight the good fight and encourage us all to get vaxxed. A message so important, they brought out the big guys — their iconic ad format of our childhoods.

Similar to the VB ads of the 1990s, it shows a montage of quintessentially Australian situations where VB is the MVP.

And of course, the iconic voiceover and VB tune ties it all together.

“A hard-earned thirst comes from being all over town,” says the voiceover in the new-age take on the ad. “Not from being in lockdown.”

“So if you’d like to get back to leading a band or lending a hand, roll up your sleeves, and get the jab.”

At the end, a freshly-jabbed guy gets a VB green bandaid and says, “Matter of fact, I got mine now.”

It’s a huge vibe. You can watch the ad here.

Of course, while it’s a great message to send out, there’s a clear motive for Victoria Bitter here. To get people back at the pub sipping on pints.

That time is so close we can almost taste it.

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