This Video Of Listen Out Fence Jumpers In Perth Is Crazy

Around 200 people attempted to jump the fence at Perth’s Listen Out festival on Sunday, and now video of the jumpers in action has emerged online.

The below footage appears to show a bunch of people from within the festival grounds encouraging (and discouraging) the group on the outside barrier to risk the jump. The moment the horde see security occupied, they strike, basically tearing down the barrier in the process. Plenty of jumpers can be seen making it into the festival and only a handful were caught.

Four people aged between 20 and 23 were arrested at the event, and face charges including assaulting a police officer, disorderly behaviour, and obstructing justice.

A spokesperson from the festival has briefed triple j on just what the hell went down, saying:

“It was a very tough job for our security as the fence jumpers were extremely persistent and a small percentage of them quite aggressive…Our on-site police arranged for more officers to come and help control the fence jumpers, who were happy to battle with security but ran away from police, clearly not wanting to risk arrest… very few of the fence jumpers made it into the event.”

At around 3:20pm, security had had enough and mounted police and K-9 units were called in for back up. In the process, a number of police were reportedly physically assaulted by fence jumpers.

A Western Australia Police spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia, “During the incident three police officers were assaulted. One officer was bitten and the other two officers were physically assaulted.”

In 2014, a security guard at the Listen Out Sydney event was hospitalised after being trampled by fence jumpers. Watch video of this year’s Perth incident, below.

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