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Vlossom Deliver A Psych-Electronic ‘Fast Car’ Cover For Triple J Like A Version

The newest electronic masterminds on the scene, Vlossom were up for this week’s Like A Version. Their cover of choice? None other than Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’.

In case you’ve missed it, Vlossom is the new collaboration between PNAU and Empire of the Sun’s Nick Littlemore and Cloud Control’s Alister Wright.

We’ve all had a vibe along to that electronic remix of ‘Fast Car’, munted or not. This Like A Version is different. It’s such a masterful and thoughtful rework of the classic.

The Vlossom group manage to convert the song to their genre and create a totally new vibe, while still keeping the core feeling of the original. It’s a super special cover.

They performed their debut, 2019 single ‘Catch Your Breath’ for their original. It’s a stunningly catchy and fun one.

In their Behind the Like A Version, Alistair shares how special the track is to him.

“Tracy Chapman was something that always stuck with me.”

“Now when I listen to the lyrics and go back to really try to learn it and understand it, I’m just blown away by how amazing her songwriting is. And her craft. And her story,” he says.

That sentiment is definitely carried through the cover.

You can catch the Like A Version, their interview, and their original below.

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