Wallet Note Written By Courtney, Says Cobain Expert

Seattle author and one of the foremost experts on Kurt Cobain Charles R Cross says the bombshell note found in the wallet of the Nirvana frontman post-mortem that mocked his marriage to divisive Hole singer Courtney Love was penned by Love herself and not by the legendary grunge singer.

Last week, Seattle PD released the curious note, which read, “Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your Lawful Shredded wife, even when she’s a bitch with zits and siphoning all yr money for doping and whoring. Will you promise to fuck her at least once a week, OK.”

Initially, only the first few lines of the note were unveiled, omitting the “Will you promise to fuck her at least once a week, OK.” This led many to believe that the note was in fact a condemnation of Love by Cobain, with the frontman of Titus Andronicus claiming it proved Cobain was murdered.

Now, as Billboard reports, Cross, who’s written several books on the Nirvana frontman, including the biography Heavier Than Heaven, says Love emailed him to say that she wrote the note and gave it to Cobain before their 1991 wedding. Cross said the two often wrote each other sarcastic notes.

After the entirety of the note was released to the public late last week, Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge author Mark Yarm took to Twitter to write that the note was merely some of the couple’s characteristically “dark humour” and that it was “apparently written by Courtney.”

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