Watch 360 Shame Brawling Punters Out Of His Own Gig

New footage has surfaced of 360 breaking up a fight and shaming the instigator during an Adelaide performance last month. The Melbourne rapper reshared the footage on his official Facebook page with the caption, “This is what will happen if [you] start a fight during one of my shows”.

“ADELAIDE THANK YOU SO MUCH THAT WAS MENTAL!! Shame about the fights but all in all had a fuckin’ awesome time!”, the rapper, real name Matthew Colwell, wrote on his Facebook page following the performance, which took place at Adelaide’s Thebarton Theatre on Saturday, 13th September.

According to Rip It Up, the drunken scuffle unfolded in the standing area near the stage. Colwell cut his performance of recent single Price of Fame to address the situation, as security guards dragged one of the brawlers off.

The footage depicts the aftermath, beginning with Colwell leading the crowd in a spirited chant of “You are a wanker!” After the chants die down, Colwell addresses the crowd, “I reckon we should probably start that song over, what do you reckon? Let’s not fuck this up this time. No more fighting. No more, please… if you’ve got some sort of anger there and you wanna punch someone, just get out now and fuck off.”

“We don’t want that shit,” the rapper continues. “We’re here for fun. Have a good time, get some pussy, do that kind of shit. Don’t fucking hit cunts, doesn’t prove anything. Proves you’re a wanker, mate. Tough fuck-head.” The clip ends with the crowd engaged in chants of “Three-six-ty!” as the music returns.

Responding to a commenter on his Facebook page who claimed to have witnessed a fight and similar stoppage during a previous 360 performance, the 28-year-old artist explained, “[The fighting is] definitely no ploy but we got a no violence policy, so if someone starts shit we stop the song and make sure they’re booted out.”

Colwell has a history of rallying punters to his cause, and it isn’t the first time he’s displayed feelings of responsibility towards his fans either. In June, the rapper broke down during a radio interview as he recounted talking a depressed fan away from suicide.

Watch: Fight at 360 Adelaide Show 13/09/14

Photos: 360, Hopsin, Pez, Miracle, Lunar C – Sydney, Hordern Pavilion 05/09/14 / Photos by Liam Cameron

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Post by 360.

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