Watch: 360 Vs Short Stack

Aussie rapper 360 has started an online video war with pop punk band, Short Stack, who are both in the top 4 nominees to win the Channel V Oz Artist of The Year award. Short Stack and 360 are have made it to the top 4 along with Gay Sabastian and New Empire. Artists were encouraged to make a video to encourage fans to vote for them in a bit to beat the other contestants, 360 decided to use the opportunity to attack Short Stack:

Every time I hear a Short Stack song I want to chop off my cock and throw it into heavy traffic on a freeway…Fuck Short Stack…whenever I hear a Short Stack song I want to slit a baby lambs throat and throw it into a minefield

Watch: 360 – Fuck Short Stack

Short Stack have responded with their own video..

The saddest aspect of this is the fact that out of all the artists in Australia, these are the 4 acts Channel V viewers have come up with.

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