Watch This 90-Year Old Lady Gaga Fan Analyse Her Video For ‘Perfect Illusion’

The video for Lady Gaga’s latest single Perfect Illusion is a little odd (but clearly awesome), so if you’re someone who is still trying to get their head around it, there’s good news for you.

Gaga herself recently re-tweeted an incredible video of a 90 year-old fan superfan, ‘Grandma Gaga,’ reacting to and trying to make sense of the clip (which also features Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker).

Grandma Gaga’s commentary is absolute gold (not to mention way too cute), breaking a lot of what’s going on down into it’s simplest form. “I didn’t know she had a Jeep!” says the 90 year-old. “And it’s a nice lookin’ one… It’s perfect for the desert.”

“Her shorts look kind of like the one’s I wear,” she continues. “And to be 90 years old that’s really a tweet!”

There’s more cracking lines later in the clip, when the Grandma is impressed with how much exercise Gaga must be getting with all that dancing. “The best part of it is she’s exercising and enjoying herself, and making everybody else happy!”

Watch: 90 Year-Old Grandma’s Reaction To ‘Perfect Illusion’

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