Watch A Fan Get Booed Off Stage Freestyling For Kendrick Lamar

You’d have to have some serious guts to get up on stage and rap for one of the best rappers on the planet Kendrick Lamar but that’s exactly what a fan did at a recent concert in Brooklyn and it didn’t go very well.

Occasionally, Lamar pulls fans up on stage to freestyle and during a concert in the US over the weekend, he pulled up three fans but the first, in particular, did not find favour with the crowd.

The punter was pretty cocky to begin with but he was awkward up on stage and basically proved himself to have zero rhythm or flow.

“Bro, you’ve gotta save me,” he eventually said to Lamar and left the stage with his dignity in tatters.

The two that followed faired a lot better. The next had the crowd bouncing and the one that followed was an actual rapper named Kemba who really excelled with an acapella freestyle.

Still, no one compared to K.Dot and you can watch his entire performance, filmed live, below. If you want to skip straight to the failed freestyle, head to 22:45.

Watch: Kendrick Lamar – Live From Brooklyn @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

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