Watch A Machine Gun-Toting Lana Del Rey Obliterate A Chopper In New ‘High By The Beach’ Video

Ever imagined what Lana Del Rey would look like packing a piece of military grade artillery and going full Rambo on an airborne paparazzo? Perfection, of course.

The noir-pop songstress has just dished up the official music video for High By The Beach, the second single off her much-anticipated Honeymoon album, following its leak a few days ago.

Unlike the disc’s title track, the song itself harks back to the poppier stylings of her Born To Die days with plenty of sweary, melancholy lyrics centred around the wistful refrain of All I Wanna Do Is Get High By The Beach.

And don’t we all, Lana, don’t we all.

But our heroine’s efforts in the clip are hampered by the appearance of a helicopter-ridin’ pap who pestilently tries to snap racy pics of her to feed the hungry tabloids.

So, naturally, the damsel in distress takes her machine gun and blows the aerial scumbag to smithereens.

As far as I’m concerned, the video’s only downfall is the absence of an appropriately eighties one-liner.

lana gif

“Shoot this, motherfucker”

Lana Del Rey’s new LP Honeymoon is scheduled to drop in September, however, no specific date has been set yet. Check out the full video for her latest single, High By The Beach, below.

Watch: Lana Del Rey – High By The Beach

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