Watch A Mariachi-Filled “Magical Porta Potty” Spook Unsuspecting Festival-Goers

Going to the bathroom at a music festival is never going to be the highlight of anyone’s day, but New York-based group Improv Everywhere have devised a way to make using the porta potty a little more fun.

In one of Improv Everywhere’s latest escapades, called “The Magical Porta Potty” (below), every time a busting festival-goer tries to use a certain portaloo, a stream of performers file out — kind of like a clown car filled with a ridiculous number of clowns.

A many-membered mariachi troupe make a miraculous appearance, as do Lady Peachena & The Late Show‘s Gospel Choir, the Bollywood Funk NYC Dance School and the Patriot Brass Band.

The Magical Porta Potty improvisation took place at New York’s Governor’s Ball festival, and the stunned reactions of festival-goers have been unleashed onto the interwebs and are available to enjoy in full, below. A behind-the-scenes run through of the prank is also up at the Improv Everywhere website.

Performers hijacking portaloos at festivals isn’t a new thing, especially given that time Action Bronson rapped through a mid-song toilet break. That said, using maths to find the cleanest music festival toilet is something which has only been mastered by some.

Watch: The Magical Porta Potty (Governors Ball, New York)

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