Watch A Young Thom Yorke Perform ‘High And Dry’ With His Pre-Radiohead Band

We all know Thom Yorke as the eloquent, furrowed-browed frontman of biggest-band-in-the-world Radiohead, but little has been seen or known of his projects pre-Radiohead.

On the cusp of his 20s, Yorke was part of a melodic punk band called Headless Chickens, who saw some success in the Exeter punk scene in 1980s England.

A video from 1989 has emerged of a 20-year-old Yorke playing an early rendition of High And Dry, which appeared on Radiohead’s 1995 album The Bends.

Radiohead was formed in 1991 when Yorke reconnected with his mates from college band On A Friday, which happened to be all the current members of Radiohead.

Speaking of which, Radiohead are said to be in currently in the studio, working on a new album, which according the band’s Jonny Greenwood, via Billboard, will include a reworked version of Lift, a track they performed as early as 1996. Re-appropriating past songs, isn’t a new thing for Radiohead it seems.

See the video in impressive 1989 quality below.

Watch: Thom Yorke perform High And Dry with pre-Radiohead band Headless Chickens

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