Watch: Adam Hills Destroys Joan Rivers After Adele ‘Fat’ Remarks

It’s hard to remember the last time Joan Rivers was really funny – as a member of Gen Y, I feel as though it would have been before we were all born – but Aussie comedian Adam Hills certainly didn’t find it amusing when Rivers appeared on Letterman to make fun of Adele’s appearance.

Despite Letterman himself describing Adele as a “lovely woman”, Rivers had set the joke up and nothing was going to stop her from delivering the punchline, whether it was in bad taste or not. The crowd was clearly unimpressed, as was Dave, who knows he has to keep smiling to make the situation a little less awkward. The “rolling in the deep-fried chicken” joke is a total miss as well, leaving Rivers to laugh at herself in an attempt to save face. Attempt failed; face cannot be saved.

Hills appears very much offended by the random attack on Adele and, as shouted in the below video, seems to share many of the same thoughts on the subject as the rest of us. Joan’s publicity team has their work cut out for them for the next week or so – no doubt exactly what she wanted.

Watch: Adam Hills Destroys Joan Rivers After Adele ‘Fat’ Remarks

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