Watch Adele, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Play ‘Hello’ On Kids’ Instruments

Adele and her famous flip phone have joined Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and his studio band The Roots to perform her hit single Hello using only instruments found in a classroom.

Taking to the Tonight Show Music Room (which looks like a standard green room in disguise), Adele and company slowly build up Hello with a selection of kid-friendly instruments.

Adele, of course, takes up vocals and flip phone duties, while Fallon slowly finds his feet on a block of wood, a bass drum and a Casio keyboard.

As for The Roots, their musical talents are handed the kiddiest of instruments — we’re talking a colourful xylophone, a ukulele, kazoos, a banana shaker and some bongos.

Hello recently became the subject of a string of brutal re-imaginings in styles ranging from black metal, folk and dream pop, but Adele, Fallon and The Roots’ version is a little more kid-friendly.

Catch the backstage performance in full, below.

Watch: Adele, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots – Hello (On Kids’ Instruments)

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