Watch Adele Perform ‘To Be Loved’ Live From Her Living Room

It’s been a pretty big week in the world of Adelewith her new album 30 dropping to substantial hype (to say the least).

It makes sense then that when it comes to doing any promotional live performances, ‘working from home’ might be the prefered option for the superstar before she inevitably fills stadiums around the world for the next few years on tour.

In a new video streamed from her living room via the app PhotoBooth, Adele has gone DIY for the heartfelt ‘To Be Loved’, one of the more tender cuts from the new album. Check it out below.

For fans, it might be the only time they get a chance to hear the tune aside from the album version, with the singer telling Zane Lowe recently that she doesn’t intend to include it in setlists due to “how emotional she gets when she hears it (the song touches on her divorce).

“I can’t even listen to it. I have to leave the room, I get really upset, I get really choked up,” she said in the interview.

“I’m never going into the studio to be like, ‘Right, I need another hit’. It’s not like that for me.

“When something is more powerful and overwhelming than me, I like to go to a studio because it’s normally a basement and there’s no fucking windows and no reception, so no one can get ahold of me.”

30 is out now – a late contender for the biggest record of the year.

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