Watch Andy Samberg Impersonate Eddie Vedder, Tribute Celebrities Who Didn’t Die In 2016

Actor and comedian Andy Samberg donned his best wig, plaid shirt and just-below-the-knee shorts for an impassioned Eddie Vedder impersonation at this weekend’s Spirit Awards, turning

Pearl Jam’s ‘Alive’ into a tribute to the stars who didn’t die in 2016.

Spoofing award show In Memoriam segments and, somberly, the fact that so many actors, musicians and artists were taken from us in 2016, Samberg lowered his voice a few octaves and sang, Eddie-style, in celebration of celebrities who are still very much alive.

Featured stars included Tim Allen (“he’s still alive”), Matt “Mattie D-Bones” Damon (“alive!”), Viggo Mortensen (“sleeps outside”, but still alive) and Fred Armisen (TBD).

“I’m Eddie Vedder and I love the Cubs. My voice sounds exactly like this,” Samberg sang. “Apologies to Pearl Jam.”

Watch the sketch below.

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