Watch Avenged Sevenfold Punk Their Guitarist Synyster Gates With Live ‘Chipmunk’ Vocals

Avenged Sevenfold shredder Synyster Gates sounded a whole lot less ~Synyster~ when the band took the stage in Stockholm, Sweden back in March.

The axeman fell victim to a hilariously shit prank by bassist Johnny Christ, who managed to pitch-shift his vocals through his in-ear monitors only to make them sound unmistakably Chipmunk-esque.


“The pranks between me and Syn keep one-upping each other,” Christ says in a freshly-uploaded video of the pair’s shenanigans. “I had one that I thought was a pretty good one.”

“The idea was when he went to go sing in ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven,’ you would hear his voice come through in a chipmunk voice. The best part about it was that he would think it was going out into crowd as well. Lo and behold, it would only be for us.”

Watch the full video below and have a LOL while you keep waiting for A7X to announce that Australian tour we’ve been hanging out for.

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