Watch: Axl Rose Faceplant Onstage

It’s not news and it’s not sophisticated, but when somebody falls over, that shit goes up on the internet before the victim of gravity has even had the chance to complete their crash landing. For this particular ‘trip’ the victim in question is Axl Rose, who quite expertly faceplants during a Guns ‘n’ Roses performance at this year’s Hellfest.

As the classic opening riff of Sweet Child O’ Mine rings out and the drums kick in, Axl can be seen entering the shot stage left. He attempts to ascend a ramp towards the raised drumkit but instead eats dirt and loses his hat. To Rose’s credit he recovers from the faceplant and retrieves his hat, all without missing a lyric, and the show goes on in true rock ‘n’ roll fashion.

In more compelling Gun ‘n’ Roses news, the band was recently conducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The ceremony consisted of original Guns ‘n’ Roses’ members Slash Duff McKagan and Steven Adler but was unattended by Axl, who explained his absence in an open letter, citing that he questioned how the Hall of Fame chose its inductees.

Watch: Axl Rose Faceplant during Guns’n’Roses set @ Hellfest 2012.

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