Watch Axl Rose’s Tour Prep For AC/DC’s ‘Rock Or Bust’ Shows

Axl Rose and his new band mates, AC/DC’s Angus Young and Cliff Williams have spoken of the currently climate within Axl Dacca as the Rock Or Bust tour approaches.

After shocking the world with news the Rose would be filling in as vocalist, a lot of people are wondering Who? What? When? Where? How?…Why? Much of these remain unanswered, however Rose does reveal his motives behind the move are true. “I want to do right by the band and do right by their fans. It’s a respect thing.”

Angus interjects: “You feed off [the fans] that’s always been the way. You feed off the audience, you know?” Almost as if throwing him a life raft, Axl again speaks up, praising the band for their relentless energy in rehearsal. “…But there’s no audience in their rehearsal, and they’re a freight train…On the first day, Cliff was like ‘See ya at the end!’ and the song starts.”

Describing the jam sessions as “Ccol”, Rose reveals that for the first time in his career he sees the point in rehearsal, before all three burst into a “LOL, bandlyf guys, amirite?” laughter.

In the excerpt from an interview, the trio manage to come off as far more eloquent than in that super odd promo clip. That said, there’s still a solid ‘bored teenager stuck with the grandparents for the weekend‘ vibe, which we at Music Feeds love just, so much.

The Rock Or Bust tour continues in Lisbon very soon. And for anyone considering refunding their tickets, don’t worry, they’ve been rehearsing. See? SEE?

Watch: Axl Dacca Talk Tour Prep

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