Watch: Bliss N Eso Release Epic ‘Circus In The Sky’ Official Trailer – BEI Is Back!

Bliss n Eso has just released one hell of an impressive trailer for their upcoming album, Circus In The Sky, due out May 2013.

The clip sees a mysteriously hooded, not-so-attentive student doodling away in class when they repeatedly receive a cryptic text message which reads, “Now is this time…”. Suddenly some sinister-looking Agent Smith types appear outside the window, causing the hooded pupil to flee the classroom, ignoring the scolding lecture being given by his maniacal teacher. In trying to evade his would-be captors, the student finds himself surrounded on the rooftop.

With seemingly no avenue of escape, the student has little hope but to pull out all the stops. What happens next? Well, you’ll just have to watch, but long-time Bliss n Eso fans are sure to appreciate the surreal result. As the action is taking place, a beat plays in the background that is presumably a yet-to-be heard track from Circus In The Sky.

Check out the trailer and then have a listen to Bliss n Eso’s latest single House Of Dreams, which has a sweet lyric about DC and Marvel for you comic geeks out there.

BEI is back! (And many fucks are given, to those who consistently comment otherwise.)

Watch: Bliss n Eso – Circus in the Sky – Official Trailer

Listen: Bliss n Eso – House of Dreams

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