Watch Chance The Rapper Freak Out When Beyoncé Crashes His Interview

It’s inevitable that when there’s a camera and people around that people are going to crash in for a cheeky fifteen seconds of fame but it’s less likely that the person doing that is Beyoncè.

Beyoncé walked away from the 2016 MTV VMAs with seven awards so it’s unlikely that she’s in need of 15 seconds of fame but she dropped into Chance The Rapper‘s backstage interview anyway just to say hi.

She dropped in and leant on Chance’s shoulder and before he could even figure out who it was, she’d left the shot. He eventually saw that it was Beyoncé dropping in and lost it, as everybody on planet earth would.

He goes over and hugs her before walking back to the camera and exclaiming, “this is my life,” while jumping around like a young kid.

Chance presented an award during the VMAs while Beyoncé basically ran the show, performing a medley of songs from Lemonade and also taking home the penultimate award for Video Of The Year.

Chance will be in Australia at the end of this year for a number of festivals so you can try your best to crash an interview à la Beyoncé then.

Watch: Beyoncé Crashes Chance The Rapper’s Interview

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