Watch Courtney Love Cover PJ Harvey’s ‘To Bring You My Love’

Courtney Love has long shared her admiration for PJ Harvey and she’s now covered the British artist in a raw performance.

Love teamed-up with composer/playwright Todd Almond for a talk in San Francisco and performed Harvey’s 1995 track To Bring You My Love alongside a number of tracks from her musical collaboration with Almond Kansas City Choir Boy.

Someone in the audience captured the moment which appears to feature just Love with a piano accompaniment. The Hole frontwoman is known for being raucous and loud but we rarely get to see her in this paired-back environment.

“Early PJ Harvey is still what inspires me and makes me know I’m not there yet,” Love told Pitchfork back in 2014.

“I always knew she was better than me, and I liked that. I like knowing that there is somebody who is a better guitar player, who had it down lyrically, and kicked my ass all over town.”

Love is dropping a few covers of late. Back in January footage emerged of her delivering her twist on Radiohead’s Creep. Her last release was the single Miss Narcissist which dropped last year.

Meanwhile, Harvey is set to release her new album The Hope Six Demolition Project on 15th April.

Watch: Courtney Love – To Bring You My Love (PJ Harvey Cover)

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