Watch Creepy Marilyn Manson Chow Down On Leeches In The New Teaser For TV’s ‘Salem’

Marilyn Manson seems to be on a mission to make us all chunder.

Last week he was videoed hurling actual snot from his nose at fans during his US tour with Slipknot, and today the gross-out fest continues with the shock rocker appearing on our TV screens to mung down on some fkn leeches.

The god of fuck is set to make a cameo in an upcoming episode of TV’s Salem, and a teaser clip has just arrived to shed more light on the nature of his role.

Manson apparently plays a creepy AF barber-cum-surgeon in the Witch Trials-based thriller, and the trailer for the ep shows him picking leeches off a dead body and slurping them down like fat squirming pieces of bloody spaghetti.


“Most of us die as we are born – in agony,” his character says in the short clip (which could easily be a lyric from one of his songs TBH).

But look, at least you can’t fault Manson for making acting choices off-brand. He’s also set to star as a gruesome-looking hitman in the upcoming gore-thriller Let Me Make You A Martyr, following up his famous turn as a prison-based white supremacist gang leader in Sons Of Anarchy.

In fact, his acting career seems to be generating way more positive reviews of late than his music career.

As previously mentioned, the Antichrist Superstar is currently on tour with Slipknot in the US and has copped lashings of flack for his “mess” of a live show, with fans and critics alike claiming that he’s been taking to the stage either drunk or high out of his mind, slurring his way through songs and barely able to stand.

But you never know, maybe Manson’s just an even better actor than we’ve given him credit for.

The Pale Emperor also has a brand new album called SAY10 due out next year on Valentine’s Day.

While you wait for that to roll around, catch him as a bespectacled, leech-sucking creep in the Salem trailer below.

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