Watch Daenerys Targaryen Perform Hanson’s ‘MmmBop’ In Dothraki

As part of her gig playing earth-conquering dragonbabe Daenerys Targaryen on a little show you may have heard of called Game Of Thrones, Emilia Clarke had to master the language of Dothraki.

Now, as it happens, the dialect of the show’s loose unit horselords is both totally made-up and 100% real, in the sense that it was designed by an expert linguist named David Peterson especially for the show.


Which means that, should the Mother Of Dragons ever forget her lines, she can’t just go making up random Dothraki-sounding noises on the spot or else the showrunners will go all Valar morghulis on her Unburnt ass.

So in a new interview with SNL star-turned-late night host Seth Myers, Clarke has explained the process of practicing her Dothraki lines to make sure she doesn’t Ned Stark them up.

Specifically, she mentioned one particular off-camera moment when she was rehearsing with another GoT actor and decided to perform Hanson’s classic Mmmbop in full Dothraki (because obviously).

Needless to say her rendition wouldn’t go off at karaoke, devoid of any melody and delivered with the aggressive clunkiness of (the surely inevitable) #Tarthbane love scene and derpy AF mouth movements to boot:


(Via Pedestrian TV).

Which does pretty much scream “Dothraki” when you think about it.

But the most incredible thing about this is that Emilia was able to translate Mmmbop – a song hardly in English in the first place – into a whole new fictional language.

In conclusion, marry us Emilia Clarke.

Watch her version of Dothraki MmmBop around 2.40 below and laugh of the pain of this week’s episode #NeverStopHoldingTheDoor.



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