Watch Daryl From ‘The Walking Dead’ Kill It On Bass Live With Anthrax

Norman Reedus has taken a break from slaying zombies on The Walking Dead to slay some bass live on stage with thrash lords Anthrax.

Everyone’s favourite squirrel-eating redneck-with-a-heart-of-gold traded up his crossbow for a four-string axe during the veteran metal act’s recent show in the US city of Atlanta, which also happens to be where filming for The Walking Dead takes place.

Fans got a shock when Daryl Dixon emerged from backstage to join Scott Ian & co for a rendition of their 1987 smasher Indians (although Among the Living or Fight ‘Em ’Til You Can’t may have been more appropriate but still, metal).

And turns out old mate is just as handy with a bass as he is at icing walkers, headbanging like a pro as he fingered up a metal storm with the gods of thrash.

Frank Bello had better watch his back, otherwise Reedus might put an arrow through his head and steal his gig.

Catch footage of the whole thing below.

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