Watch Dave Grohl Declare His Undying Love For Royal Blood Live Onstage

The stage was soaked when Foo Fighters played Scotland’s capital Edinburgh this week, with the Foos and opening band Royal Blood gushing wildly about each other during the show.

Things got off to a friendly start with Royal Blood playing their set with a blow-up doll onstage, with a picture of Dave Grohl‘s face pasted on the front.

While the whole band were clearly pretty smitten with the headliners, drummer Ben Thatcher went to particular trouble to impress, with his kick drum sporting a shot of Taylor Hawkins‘ foxy female stewardess character from the Learn To Fly video. What he might mean by that I’ll leave to you.


Anyway things got a little steamier once Grohl, Hawkins and the fellas took to the stage, after the frontman invited team Royal Blood up for a drink and big warm cuddle. Strangely, according to Alternative Nation the crowd chose to sing British Football fight song Ole in tribute of this pan-musical love fest, before Grohl went on to offer a heartfelt ode of love to the young Brits:

“So, basically about a year ago I came over here on tour, the Reading Festival had just happened. I was on my computer in my hotel room, and I watched Royal Blood live at the Reading Festival,” recalled the singer. “I was like wow man, what a great band, good players, good f–kin’ songs, it’s great. So the next day I have to do an interview, someone said: ‘What are you listening to?’ I said: ‘Last night I listened to this band Royal Blood, they’re f–kin’ awesome, have you heard of them?’ They said, ‘Oh yeah, they’re at number 1.’ I jumped, I was like, wait a second, there’s a rock band that is at number 1. F–k yes! F–kin’ deserve to be there. So we’ve spent a lot of time with these boys, and I wish you guys well.”

Clearly glowing as he spoke, this wasn’t the first time that Grohl has praised the upcoming rockers, with the two bands having shared a stage frequently over the past year. With Royal Blood opening the majority of the shows on the Foo Fighters’ 2015 tour, both in North America and the rest of the world, it looks like the two bands are starting to get pretty serious about their relationship.

Maybe they’ll settle down together soon and have little musical babies. We can only hope.

Check out fan-shot footage of Grohl’s gushing ode, below.

Watch: Dave Grohl Royal Blood Tribute

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