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Watch Dave Grohl Forget The Words To An AC/DC Classic

Written by Tom Williams on May 15, 2015

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has once again proved his allegiance to Australia and its proud rock and roll history. Well, sort of.

Leading Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins’ cover band Chevy Metal in a cover of AC/DC‘s Let There Be Rock earlier this week, Grohl momentarily forgot the lyrics to the Acca Dacca classic. He managed to quickly recover, but footage of the mishap has now surfaced online.

At a recent free show at a California State Fair, Chevy Metal closed their set with the Let There Be Rock. About halfway through the track, instead of singing the line, “All across the land every rockin’ band was blowin’ up a storm,” Grohl threw in a “Heygongaboonadadanoo” to fill the gap. He clearly knew that he stuffed up, but soldiered on.

Ironically, prior to the band’s AC/DC cover, Grohl told the crowd how the Aussie rockers influenced his childhood self. “When I was a kid I grew up in Virginia, and I went to go this movie. It was called ‘Let There Be Rock’, it’s this AC/DC concert film, amazing man,” Grohl said.

“So me and my buddy — I didn’t really know that much about AC/DC — and me and my buddy went to the local movie theatre. I was a kid I was like ten or something. His dad took us there.

“The movie started out and it was so intense I had never seen a band like AC/DC before and it was the first time I’d heard music that made me want to break shit and so it was after that I’ve been a lifelong devoted AC/DC fan ever since.”

Chevy Metal’s impromptu show saw the group cover other famous tracks by the likes of Byran Adams, The Knack, Faces and The Rolling Stones.

Watch Grohl and Chevy Metal perform Let There Be Rock, below, and be on guard for the lyric slip up.

Watch: Chevy Metal – Let There Be Rock (AC/DC Cover), Thousand Oaks, CA, 09.05.15

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