Watch Dave Grohl Play A Guitar “Cast Solo” With His Broken Leg

We already know that Dave Grohl is a trooper — I mean, he’s returned to touring astride his “Iron Throne” of rock after breaking his leg — but he’s not letting the injury stop him from mixing things up on stage, either.

Footage has emerged of the Foo Fighters frontman playing a guitar solo by literally sliding his guitar’s strings up and down the cast which still encapsulates his right leg and foot.

Grohl debuted his new cast solo technique during the song Outside at a show in Camden, New Jersey on Monday, 6th July.

After the solo, Grohl asked the crowd, “That was the first time I’ve ever done the f—king cast solo. Is that okay? Do you like that cast solo? I haven’t done that yet. What do you think Camden, should I keep that cast solo?.”

After a pause and some rapturous applause, Grohl added, “Looks like I’m doing it in Toronto.”

True to his word, Grohl revived the cast solo back at the Foo Fighters’ Toronto show on Wednesday, 8th July. Catch footage of both cast solos, below.

Grohl broke his foot after falling off stage during a concert in Sweden in June, leading Foo Fighters to cancel their Glastonbury 2015 headline set.

Since then, Grohl has returned to touring, and even recently jammed with members of Pearl Jam and Blind Melon at a motorcycle rally.

Good news for fans though, Grohl recently told Rolling Stone he’s slowly on the mend. “I’m starting to do a little bit of rehab exercise and the cast is off,” he said. “The swelling’s down. The pain’s gone. It’s just a matter of getting those kick-drum muscles back, man. I can’t fuckin’ lose those. That’s important to me. So I’m sitting here, moving it around, doing my exercise as we speak. So it’s OK.”

Watch: Dave Grohl Debuts The “Cast Solo” (Camden, New Jersey, 06/07/15)

Watch: Dave Grohl Revives The “Cast Solo” (Toroto, Ontario, 08/07/15)

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