Watch: Deez Nuts Drink Up In ‘Shot After Shot’ Clip

Even if it’s too early for a drink, it’s never to early to listen to a song about drinking by Deez Nuts, who have released their new video for single Shot After Shot, essentially an incredibly stylish lyric vid, which should help you keep up with the rapid-fire vocal delivery of frontman J.J. Peters.

The message of Shot After Shot is pretty straightforward. The Australian hard/rapcore outfit drink shot after shot and smoke blunt after blunt at such at rate it would leave the average person paralytic.

The single is taken from Deez Nuts fourth studio album, Bout It, due out this Friday, 29th March. Music Feeds’ reviewer Shanahan Flanders described Bout It as “juvenile but ridiculously catchy” and a “gratuitous glorification of partying” before stating that, “Bout It is a massive step forward for both Deez Nuts and the entire Aussie hardcore scene.”

Peters recently put down his sticks as drummer for metalcore band I Killed The Prom Queen to take up the mic with Deez Nuts on a full-time basis.

Watch: Deez Nuts – Shot After Shot

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