Watch: Deftones Accompanied On Stage By H.R. (Bad Brains)

One of the toughest, baddest team-ups took place recently in Baltimore. During a recent performance, Deftones were joined on stage by punk rock god H.R., of course featured in the seminal outfit Bad Brains.

What was already a tough-as-balls show only got better. After the band smashed out Engine No. 9 to within an inch of its life, H.R. popped up on stage, wearing that head dealie and a badass white suit fit with tie. Mic in hand, H.R. then lead the troops through a rendition of the Bad Brains classic Right Brigade.

After that track, H.R. stuck around a little longer to handle back-up vocal duties for Bored. Cruising back and forth around the stage, he made the best back-up dancer we’ve ever seen.

The whole event was caught on film, which you can check out below, many thanks to Consequence of Sound. Deftones are currently gearing up for the release of Koi No Yokan, which is set to go live November 13.

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