Watch Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy Play Slayer, Rush, Led Zeppelin & More On A Hello Kitty Drum Kit

In a performance that is sure to go down in the annals of rock history as one of the most entertaining ever, Loudwire have gotten Dream Theater‘s drummer Mike Portnoy to play some classic metal and rock n roll covers… on a Hello Kitty drum kit.

Portnoy isn’t impressed upon seeing the kit initially, saying that he “specifically requested the Pokemon kit” before blaming his tour manager and exclaiming “Dave Lombardo wouldn’t be playing this shit”.

He then treats us to a couple of Kiss classics before launching into a high energy and rather surprisingly recognisable rendition of Slayer‘s Reign In Blood. The kit can’t really handle Portnoy’s enthusiastic playing though and it’s not long before drums are flying all over the studio.

Other highlights include When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin and of course what drum video would be complete without an attempt at YYZ by Rush, with Portnoy doing a pretty good job playing the intro before rushing straight through to the drum solo. He follows that with 2112, which again the kit can’t handle, with Portnoy ending up sprawled on the ground before getting through much of the song.

The video ends with the obligatory product plug, this time for the new Metal Allegiance album that Portnoy has played on, with the drummer treating us to a taste of his drum fill intro the album’s Let Darkness Fall, which also sees him hugging the rug within a minute of playing.

But why are you reading this, it’s a visual gag, just watch the video below, silly.

Watch: Mike Portnoy: ‘Name That Tune’ on Hello Kitty Drum Kit

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