Watch Eagles Of Death Metal Discuss The Paris Terror Attacks In Terrifying Detail

Apart from a press release, we haven’t heard anything from Eagles of Death Metal since their 13th November show at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris was stormed by gunmen, killing 89 punters and injuring more, but now the whole band has sat down with Vice for an emotional recount of the horrifying events.

The band’s co-founder Jesse Hughes along with touring members, guitarist Eden Galindo, bassist Matt McJunkins, drummer Julian Dorio and sound engineer Shawn London have each recounted their first-hand experiences of that night in terrifying detail. Josh Homme, the other co-founder of the band who was not on tour with them at the time, is also interviewed about the first time he learned of the events.

All four members managed to escape the venue but each of them have a different story about hearing the gunfire for the first time and exiting the venue via the side exit.

Perhaps the most vivid account comes from the sound engineer London who is the only one interviewed that was positioned at a different spot in the venue away from the stage.

“The kids were having a blast, they were having a great time, the smile and the dancing and the singing along with each song, it was heartfelt,” he said.

“And then out of nowhere I heard these firecrackers directly behind me. They came in the door instantly walked in and just started blasting, there was two of them. Instantly people starting dropping.”

London also said that the gunman looked him in the eyes, shot at him and missed.

Homme is not present for the first part of the interview but he sits down with Hughes later to discuss the moment he heard the news and what the future holds for the band.

“We represent the fans that did not make it, the people who did not make it, whose stories may never be told,” Homme said.

Hughes, who is visibly emotional for the majority of the interview, also said that he wants to be the first band to play the Bataclan when it eventually reopens.

“Our friends went there to see rock ‘n roll and died. I want to go back there and live,” he said.

Homme and Hughes also said that the band will be continuing with their tour. They also encouraged any band to cover their song I Love You All The Time, vowing to donate all the publishing earnings to the victims and also asking streaming services to consider doing the same.

Drummer Dorio later took to his Instagram to pay tribute to “one of the most energetic crowds” of the tour.

“To everyone who, in the face of unrelenting evil, went toe to toe using courage, compassion, and love as their weapons. You all are my heroes,” he wrote, also echoing Hughes’ sentiments that they endeavour to return the Paris and finish the show.

You can watch the full Vice interview below.

Watch: Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Paris Terror Attacks

November 13, 2015. I, along with my bandmates @eodmofficial, had the privilege to play to one of the most energetic crowds of our tour when, nearly half way through the show, the unimaginable occurred. Absolute and unnecessary evil turned our world on its head. I am beyond grateful that I was able to find a way out of the venue, but I am mourning those who did not, including our mate, Nick Alexander. My thoughts are with their families. I’m home safe. And now I have a new family abroad. To Arthur, who ran for his life right beside me and selflessly put us in a taxi before himself, thank you. To Fabrice, a fan who lent me his phone later that night so I could call @emilydorio and attempt to put her at ease, thank you. To everyone who, in the face of unrelenting evil, went toe to toe using courage, compassion, and love as their weapons. You all are my heroes. Last but certainly not least, the outreach and support back home is appreciated more than you’ll ever know. I will never forget it. I am forever changed but hold fast to the love around us. I’m counting down the days until I get to finish that concert. Peace & love.✌️❤️ #prayforparis #bataclan #eodm

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