Watch: Eminem’s ‘Phenomenal’ Video Premieres On Apple Music, Is Apeshit

Eminem has premiered his new big-budget, epic video for track Phenomenal off the soundtrack for upcoming movie Southpaw, on Apple Music today and it’s pretty fucking insane.

No doubt funded by Apple, who not only score the exclusive video but convinced Eminem to wear an Apple Watch which is featured a billion times through the clip, Phenomenal sees Shady wake up in an unknown hospital and battle his way to a Japan gig via (flaming) motorcycle, car and helicopter.

Other highlights include Eminem wailing on some dudes with a huge fish, John Malkovitch being a mad dawg chowing down on noodles and dishing out life advice, Randall Park aka the dude who played Kim Jung Un in The Interview getting boosted from his own car for taking a selfie and Dr. Dre being a smart arse in an end-of-clip cameo.

You can go be a good boy and watch the clip over on Apple music. Also, go buy an Apple Watch. I don’t know why I just typed that…

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