Watch: Ever Wondered What Would Happen If Jay-Z Caught The Subway?

It’s always too funny to think about those mega-celebs handling every day situations like the rest of us mugs do. Like can you imagine Mick Jagger driving a car? Surely, before they were superstars they too had to wait in lines, fill up their own cars and do their own shopping. Well, very recently Jay-Z ventured into the world of public transport for the first time in a while.

On his way to his recent live show at Barclays Centre – the tour finale that has already been hitting headlines after an impromptu appearance from wifey Beyonce – Hov decided to catch the subway. Armed with two massive security guards, a small crew and a cameraman, the chaos that would ensue was all documented. Whether it be because his back-up helicopter was in the shop, or because he felt the need to get up and close with the natives on the chariot of the working man – Jay-Z seems to be 100% over the idea about 5 minutes into it.

I’m not too sure what he expected. I mean, they’re filming it so they knew that it was going to be, well, something worth filming. People came screaming and running at the hip hop mogul, who leaned against a wall in the subway looking pretty uncomfortable as people took photos and yelled at him; I think you can hear one dude calling him Jimmy? What’s up with that?

The person who gets the most time with Jay-Z is the one person who has no idea who he is – the old woman he sits next to on the train. After a bit of a chin wag, he alights at his spot and walks to the venue, pretty much the whole time looking frustrated with the huge crowd following him. Why then, Jay-Z, WHY would you do it?

Anyway, the footage is really cool, check it out below.

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