Watch: Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire + Mick Jagger SNL Promo Released

The cats from Saturday Night Live have released a promo clip previewing their season finale and the high-end guest artists set to make appearances, including the Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, and Jeff Beck, to feature with host / musical guest Mick Jagger

There’s no doubt that the collaboration of such music royalty will sing out the season in absolute style, something that has been missing from the SNL set for a number of years now. The lineup will give viewers something to look forward to other than slightly stale and cheesy humour, and the off chance that you might catch a performer mess-up.

Going to air May 19, this must-see TV will probably be the only place ever that you can see these performers on the same stage. It’s yet to be seen if any of the musicians will be acting, though putting Dave Grohl centre stage always results in hilarity.

Check out the promo clip below:

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