Watch Gangsta Bert & Ernie Regulate Dat Shit In Amazing Nate Dogg/Warren G Mashup

Bert & Ernie didn’t choose the thug life.

Sesame Street‘s foremost heterosexual life partners are the motherfuckin’ regulators in a new tribute to the late hip-hop hook master, Nate Dogg.

The new video from the mashup master behind YouTube channel isthishowyougoviral features the pimp-dabbin’ puppet duo rapping to Nate Dogg and Warren G’s 1994 G-funk hit, Regulate.

The clip also features a few familiar cameos from the likes of Cookie Monster, Oscar The Grouch & that weird blue guy nobody ever seems to remember the name of, as the baller duo bust out the classic track’s silky smooth raps and ghetto serenades while skulking down the seedy streets outside Mr. Hooper’s Store.

Creator Adam Schleichkorn explained his latest dank masterpiece, saying via The Vine):

“This song honestly ended up being just a tough as my last one (Crossroads), if not tougher. I almost bailed on it several times, but it was the most requested in the comments, and another one of the best rap songs ever, so I felt as if I had to give the people what they wanted.”

Watch Bert & Ernie regulate dat shit, below.

Watch: Nate Dogg & Warren G – Regulate (Sesame Street Version)

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