Watch: Girl Gets Hanging Wedgie At Soundwave

After stumbling upon the below footage via Twitter, we here at Music Feeds thought this was our responsibility, nay, duty, to share it with the people. Even though it’s clearly neither, we thought we’d do it anyway, for the lols.

With that out of the way, we’re proud to introduce you to Fence Girl. Originating from Soundwave Melbourne, this video of Fence Girl should give the young lass every chance of replacing that Chk Chk Boom lady as the next media mishap darling. While attempting to reach a cheeky out-of-bounds viewing spot, Fence Girl gets her shorts snagged on the fence (hence the name – clever, right?) and inflicts upon herself what is commonly known as The Hanging Wedgie – though, technically speaking, the shorts seem to rip right off before they can reach over her head so this might be an entirely new and awful type of wedgie.

After the ordeal, she seems to take the incident in good humour, as she should. It would be interesting to know how the rest of the day went for her, especially the Blink-182 set she was just about to watch.

So we just want to know – are you OK, Fence Girl? And, if you’re ever in Sydney, you want to get, like, Mexican or something? Whatever. We just want to let you know we care.

WATCH: Girl Gets Hanging Wedgie At Soundwave Melbourne

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