Watch Glass Animals Fulfill Their Bizarre Hottest 100 Internet Bet

Oxford indie-rockers Glass Animals made a little bet with the internet prior to triple j‘s Hottest 100 of 2014.

On 10th January, the band called on the public to throw their support behind Glass Animals’ Hottest 100 campaign, as well as the group’s strange desire to slap guitarist/keyboardist Drew MacFarlane with a dead fish.

Glass Animals also posted a video (below) to their Facebook page, depicting them practicing their fish-slapping, along with the statement – “If we get into the top 20 of the triple j [Hottest] 100, [Drew will] let us relentlessly slap his nude body with raw salmon for a whole minute.”

Now that the prophecy has been fulfilled – the band’s song Gooey came in at number 12 – Glass Animals have completed the necessary evil by slapping MacFarlane silly with an ethically-sourced salmon.

Taking to Facebook, the band have said, “We honestly thought [making the top 20] would be impossible considering the other artists involved, and never in a million years thought we’d actually be spending our afternoon swinging fish at Drew’s boob. Huge thank you to everyone who voted and made this possible. Drew… love you. You are a saint.”

Thankfully, the salmon appears to have gone to good use. “All fish in this video were donated to us and were ethically sourced. Since the slapping, we have de-boned and filleted the fish, and given it to our mothers and friends to eat,” the band have said, followed by an obligatory “Nom nom nom”.

Glass Animals accompanied their “Revenge of the Salmon” video with the caption, “‘Do not make promises about fish that you cannot keep’ – Confucius, 552 BC.” Keep that sound advice in mind as you enjoy all the salmon-slapping silliness, below.

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