Watch Guns N’ Roses Reunite With Original Drummer Steven Adler At US Reunion Show

Holy shit! It happened, you guys. It actually happened.

The reunited Guns N’ Roses lineup just upped themselves to 80% original, teaming up with one of the only two remaining MIA members of the classic 1986 roster, Steven fuckin’ Adler.


The 51-year-old drummer, whose career dates back to the pre-Gunners rock band Hollywood Rose which he performed in with Axl, Slash and Izzy Stradlin, has just made a surprise cameo at the end of the veteran riff-slinger’s Not In This Lifetime reunion tour date in Cincinnati.

Adler joined GNR on stage at the end of their main set, kicking Frank Ferrer out from behind the kit to perform two Appetite-era tracks, Out Ta Get Me and My Michelle.

It means all of the lucky kents who bought tickets to the show inadvertently got to see Guns N’ Roses historically perform with their classic drummer for the first time in 26 mother flippin’ years, which is the same time that some of us have been alive, mind you.

For the uninitiated: Adler joined GNfnR shortly after their formation in 1985 and remained an integral member for the next five years. He made history by tracking drums on Appetite For Destruction, which is hands-down the single greatest rock n’ roll record of all time and if you disagree then you can kiss my Mr. Brownstone. Sadly, fame took its toll in the classic way that it does and Adler became way too drug-fucked and was resultantly ousted from the band in 1990 and replaced by Matt Sorum (also a legend).

Gunners have yet to confirm whether his surprise appearance was just a one-off or else whether Adler will now become a permanent part of the band’s big reunion tour.

Hopefully the latter, because then Izzy will be the only member of the classic lineup not to be involved (and I know, I know, it’s not a proper reunion without Izzy). But at this rate, he could rock up onstage at any time.

And TBH hopefully that time will be in January of 2017, when Gunners are tipped to be touring Australia.

In the meantime, catch footage of Steven Adler performing with Guns N’ Roses live for the first time in a quarter-century, below.

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