Watch Gwar Crash Warped Tour Band’s Set, Butcher Lead Singer In Ritualistic Bloodbath

Gwar have pulled off one of the bloodiest stage invasions of all time after crashing rock band American Authors’ Warped Tour set and butchering their lead singer with a gnarly space saw.

The metal muppets busted on to the stage to perform the blood sacrifice during the band’s set closer ‘Best Day Of My Life’, with front-thing Blothar dismembering Zac Barnett as thousands of pop rock fans watched on in terror.

Funnily enough, Barnett’s bandmates didn’t seem to mind.

As the ritualistic bloodbath unfolded one of Gwar’s resident space demons took over lead vocals for the band’s feelgood 2014 hit, giving the jaunty chorus an apocalyptic lyrical update to “the last day of your life”.

Posting a video of the performance on their Facebook page, the surviving members wrote the following obituary: “It’s all fun and games until GWAR murders your lead singer.”

Altogether it was almost as epic as the time Gwar beheaded ex-PM Tony Abbott onstage at Soundwave 2014 (RIP Oderus Urungus).

Catch American GWAuthors brutal Warped Tour set finale below.

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