Watch: Hellyeah’s ‘Thank You’ Video Tribute To Vinnie Paul Is Guaranteed To Leave You Blubbering

Hellyeah have posted an emotional AF video tribute to their fallen brother, Vinnie Paul.

After the legendary drummer and Pantera co-founder passed away unexpectedly last month, his Hellyeah bandmates all joined the metal community in sharing heartfelt homages.

But today, the words come from Vinnie himself.

Hellyeah’s new video tribute, which is guaranteed to turn you into a blubbering mess just FYI, features words from the metal icon himself, taken from a previously taped interview.

“I just want to personally thank everyone out there who has personally supported me through every band I’ve ever been in and everything I’ve ever done,” Vinnie says at the start of the clip.

“It’s been amazing to be able to have a career that’s lasted this long. To me, it’s amazing to have another career after what happened to my brother [Dimebag Darrell] and him being taken away from us. So I just want to give you guys the big love right back at you and thank you for all your support.”

The clip is soundtracked by the song ‘Thank You’ from Hellyeah’s self-titled 2007 debut album, and features footage of Vinnie both on and offstage, surrounded by love from his bandmates, crew and fans.

Give it a watch below (and maybe keep some Kleenex handy).

Meanwhile, if you want to hear some amazing personal insights and stories about Vinnie & Dime, you should check out their BFF Scott Ian from Anthrax when he comes down under for a spoken word tour this September.

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