Watch: Hobbits Cutting Sick In Hilltop Hoods Parody ‘I Love It’

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey motion picture has officially been unveiled to the salivating masses, and one of the most anticipated films of recent years has brought with it a wave of Middle-Earth fever. The latest example of this is rather left-field but seems to be pretty legit to the story, so we’ll roll with it.

Fresh out of The Shire but showing influences from both Isengard and Gondor hip hop, Hilltop Hobbits have burst into the Middle-Earth music scene with an almost too clever rendition of our very own Hilltop Hoods tune I Love It.

The single comes with a clip, which shows that no cost was spared by the new collective in chasing their hip hop dream: background dancers/warriors, swords ‘n’ shit – it’s got it all (even stuff that has nothing to do with The Hobbit) plus with a guest cameo from Gollum himself.

Now, it’s been something like 15 years since I read the book so I’m running out of metaphors to use, but I can tell you that the creators of the clip managed to rope in a real-life Dwarf warrior to watch it, yep – Bombur (Stephen Hunter) himself, who you may remember from such quests as the adventure with Thorin’s company as they continued through Erebor with the intent of challenging the Dragon Smaug. Duh.

Check out the clip below.

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