Watch James Hetfield Throw Shade At Celebrities Wearing Metallica Shirts

Metallica tees are like assholes: everybody seems to have one. But it’s not okay for just anyone to show it off in public.

Certain celebs have sparked plenty of St. Anger in the past — particularly among the metal massive — for wearing band merch to make themselves look more badass, rather than actually rocking it as a sign of genuine appreciation for the band’s music.

Even Justin Bieber — who actually seems to be a legitimate Metallica fan — got crucified for daring to wear a ‘Tallica tee.

However, it seems frontman James Hetfield rated Bieber’s efforts more highly than he has some other celebs who’ve wrapped themselves in the thrashlords’ threads in recent times.

An excellent video from the folks at BuzzFeed Mexico shows the master of “Yeah!”s critiquing the clothing choices of “Kanye West in drag” (Kim Kardashian), “the lead singer of Nickelback” (Avril Lavigne), “Goth Madonna” (The Pretty Reckless’s Taylor Momsen) and more.

Good value.

Check it out below.

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