Watch Jon Bon Jovi Reluctantly Sing ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ At A Wedding

Footage has emerged of Jon Bon Jovi reluctantly agreeing to sing Bon Jovi’s 1986 hit single Livin’ On A Prayer with a wedding band during a private event in Florida.

Video captured at the wedding (below) sees the wedding band’s singer Lourdes Valentin launch into Livin’ On A Prayer, which instantly turns Jovi a shade of red…

jon bon jovi wedding singer 2016 smile source youtube user Cool Coconut Studios

Image: YouTube / Cool Coconut Studios

Once Jovi reluctantly agrees to sing the song, he graces those gathered with a smoother take on the track, matching the jazz band behind him. It’s awkward at first, but he pulls it off like a champ.

Ms Valentin has since told The Associated Press that she knew Jovi would be a guest at the wedding, so she prepared to sing the song especially for the occasion.

She says Jovi told her before the event that he didn’t think he wanted to sing (and we believe that, judging by the footage), but Jovi did it anyway, leaving Ms Valentin “very surprised” when the rocker decided to “grace us with his talent”.

Nevertheless, we’re pretty sure Jovi will be praying that he doesn’t have to join a wedding band ever again. Watch him reluctantly take part in the Livin’ On A Prayer singalong, below.

Watch: Jon Bon Jovi Reluctanlty Sings Livin’ On A Prayer With Wedding Band

Watch: Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

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