Watch Josh Groban Perform Donald Trump’s Most Offensive Tweets In Glorious Song

“Oh hi. I’m Josh Groban, and I have the voice of an angel,” pronounces the ever-modest American singer, songwriter, actor and producer as he takes the stage on the prestigious US TV talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Groban is gearing up to tour Australia with an orchestra in tow early next year, but in the interim, he’s taken some time out of his busy schedule to appear on Kimmel for a very special performance.

Following on from the multi-platinum success of his 2011 album, The Best Tweets Of Kanye West, the angelic performer is now ready to unleash its follow-up, The Best Tweets Of Donald Trump, and has performed a selection of Trump’s most offensive social media posts, live on Kimmel, to drum up anticipation. *

Behold as the piano virtuoso transforms the US presidential candidate’s top 140-character rants into pearls of pure musical opium, caressing your ears with such lines as “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke” and “Amazing how the haters & losers keep tweeting the name Fuckkface Von Clownstick like they are so original & no one else is doing it.”

(“Fuckface Von Clownstick” is the name comedian Jon Stewart gave Trump while hosting The Daily Show.)

No word on whether Groban will be performing any of Trump’s greatest hits accompanied by the symphony orchestra when he tours our shores next year, but fingers crossed you guys.

The Grobester’s appearance on Kimmel is the latest in a proud history of live performances on the talk show, including his critically-raved over rendition of the aforementioned Best Kanye West Tweets in 2011 and a rousing solo chorus in the all-star choir jam F*@#ing Ben Affleck that same year, which has since become a viral sensation.

Check out both of those videos, along with Groban’s performance of The Best Donal Trump Tweets, below.

* Music Feeds would like to advise that neither of these albums actually exist and everyone involved is basically just taking the piss. I mean, we shouldn’t have to spell that out but I guess some people can be a bit dense sometimes, right? I suppose it’s best just to err on the side of caution when it comes to this type of thing. You guys understand. Anyway, enjoy the videos. Oh and PS Josh Groban’s actual new album is called ‘Stages’ and it’s out right now.

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