Watch Korn’s Epic Mini-Doco About Touring With Robert Trujillo’s 12-Year-Old Son On Bass

Korn have captured the internet with an awesome new mini-doco chronicling their adventures with Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo’s 12-year-old son Tye as their ring-in bassist.

ICYMI: the long-haired tween was asked to sub in for Korn bassist Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu back in April for a seven-date trek across South America and *spoiler alert* he fkn NAILED it.

Thankfully, Korn’s official videographer, Sébastien Paquet, filmed the whole thing and turned it into a mind-blowing 15-minute film aptly dubbed Korn and the Prodigy Son.

Even better, Papa Trujillo narrates the whole thing, beaming with obvious pride the whole time.

“I didn’t have to help him with anything,” he tells Rolling Stone. “He had an afternoon with Munky, the guitar player, where they ran through the songs, and I was there basically to offer him snacks and water.”

The thrashlord also spills about how the nu-metal titans recruited Tye in the first place, following a random encounter at an airport.

“Fieldy was very excited to see Tye,” Trujillo says. “He was like, ‘I follow you on Instagram. You’re badass!’”

Watch the full doco in all its epicness below (especially note how bass-face clearly seems to run in the Trujillo family).

Meanwhile, Korn revealed to Music Feeds late last year that they’re plotting a new Australian tour for 2017, but dates are yet to be announced.

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