Watch: Lana Del Rey Gets Taiwanese News Animation

Next Media have released a new CGI-animation, this time following the recent controversy around cult YouTube star Lana Del Rey. The video titled Critics Hate On Lana Del Rey, explains her rise to fame, the recent criticism over her SNL performance and harsh album reviews (before its release).

Of course it’s told in a way that only this Taiwan news network could tell it. If you’ve seen the one about our recent election, you’ll know what we mean.

Del Rey has recently spoke about her SNL performance in an interview with Rolling Stone claiming “I actually felt good about it. I thought I looked beautiful and sang fine.” and that “It wouldn’t have mattered if I was absolutely excellent. People don’t have anything nice to say about this project. I’m sure that’s why you’re writing about it.”

Watch: Critics Hate On Lana Del Rey

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