Watch Leikeli47 Slay Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ For Like A Version

Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ has got to be one of the most covered songs of all time. You could scroll through thousands of hours of acoustic covers of the track before finding something entirely original, but now, thanks to Leikeli47’s Like A Version this morning, you don’t have to.

Out here for Listen Out, the masked rapper/singer/songwriter took to the triple j segment to cover the track by “the legendary Blackstreet headed by the legendary Teddy Riley himself.”

“All hail Teddy Riley and all of the great producers of today,” she mused. “Teddy did it all. Teddy is the blueprint, he’s the GOAT. I wanted to give it up to him and Blackstreet, of course. Such an amazing, legendary group. So I hope it’s good [laughs].”

“All hail Queen Pen, [who] closes the song. Shout out to Dr. Dre, he’s on that song as well. It’s just a legendary moment that can never be duplicated. I just hope that I go in and I do it justice.”

It definitely feels like different sonic territory for the American muso, but she absolutely does it justice.

Watch the cover below.

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