Watch This Liberal MP Inexplicably Rattle Off Names Of Client Liaison Songs In Parliament

Much of Client Liaison‘s success can be put down to their incredible commitment to the narrative of their life as a band, living as high-rolling, limousine riding, tax evading Australian celebrities.

This narrative penetrates through their songs, music videos and live performances, and has even seen the band expand Client Liaison to start their own fashion label and limousine hire company in the past year.

It’s starting to become increasingly difficult to tell where the line between narrative and reality is though, especially now thanks to a bizarre but undeniably awesome speech given in parliament by Liberal MP Tim Wilson.

Wilson calls out the band for their extravagant lifestyle and reminds them that once their forthcoming tour to Europe and the USA is done they’re still required to return to Australia and meet their tax obligations.

Throughout the speech he rattles off the names of all 11 of the songs on their 2016 album Diplomatic Immunity in his address to the parliament, also throwing in a plug for their show in Canberra this Saturday, while the bloke in the background of the shot looks visibly unimpressed.

The speech mostly makes sense in the context of the wider Client Liaison cinematic universe, taking into account the ongoing narrative through several of the band’s music videos including ‘Wild Life,’ ‘Off-White Limousine’ and more recently ‘A Foreign Affair.’

Client Liaison posted the clip to their socials with a typically dismissive response: “We strongly deny these allegations and with great confidence refer this mater to the High Court of Australia.”

The band are currently mid-way through a national tour of the country, with shows in Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra yet to come this week.

Watch Tim Wilson’s extraordinary parliamentary speech, below.

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